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On Gerrymandering

I live in Mississippi House District 37, which stretches from the eastern border of Lowndes County, through a corridor in West Point so narrow that my son could throw a baseball from one side to the next, and on into … Continue reading

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For Readers of The Hate You Give

Following a recent class discussion of Angie Thomas’ The Hate You Give, I received an email from a student wanting to know if we could revisit a death scene in the beginning of the book from the perspective of the … Continue reading

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Pop the Bubble

As most of you know, I am a recovering journalist who deeply appreciates the old adage that if you’re not rocking the boat, you’re not doing your job. When journalists don’t ask difficult questions, they don’t just fail their readers, … Continue reading

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The A Words

Just curious: should we consider appropriation and assimilation dirty words? Could we make just as compelling a case that they constitute forms of flattery?

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A Quick Correction Regarding Our System

In an interview with a radio host this morning, Gov. Phil Bryant responded to a question about legislation to change the state flag by saying that the issue ought to be put before the people because we live in a … Continue reading

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A Chance to be 49th

Mississippi doesn’t embrace many chances to avoid winning last place, but here’s an easy one: we’re one of the last two states to recognize “Confederate Memorial Day.” Alabama is the other one. Regardless of what one feels about our state … Continue reading

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I have tests to write and papers to grade, and I can’t think about anything except what happened yesterday. I had always believed that if you can’t convince other people you’re right, you may as well be wrong–which makes it … Continue reading

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Mississippi Gets in Its Own Way Again

You can find enclaves of hate in any ZIP code. But when a church gets burned in Mississippi, which is what happened in Greenville earlier this week, it has to be national news because Mississippi has not dealt fully with … Continue reading

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Making things obvious

Donald Trump faces strident criticism from those who believe he has not distanced himself far enough from Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. If he won’t allow a single Muslim to immigrate to America because he fears terrorism, then how can … Continue reading

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I Really Hate to Say It. . .

. . .but I told you so: our state legislators lack the courage to decide the state flag issue for themselves. Even Phil Gunn, a Republican who led the charge to change the flag after last year’s massacre in a … Continue reading

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