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More HB 1523 News

No wonder Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood didn’t want anything to do with an appeal of the federal injunction that prevented HB 1523 from becoming law. Both at home and abroad, critics seem incredulous that Gov. Phil Bryant’s attorneys have … Continue reading

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And another thing. . .or two

If I’m worried about the future I see for education, I sense even more trepidation than optimism when it comes to the things I see outside the ivory tower. Here are some topics I’d like us to consider: Everyday usage: … Continue reading

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I have tests to write and papers to grade, and I can’t think about anything except what happened yesterday. I had always believed that if you can’t convince other people you’re right, you may as well be wrong–which makes it … Continue reading

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Mississippi Gets in Its Own Way Again

You can find enclaves of hate in any ZIP code. But when a church gets burned in Mississippi, which is what happened in Greenville earlier this week, it has to be national news because Mississippi has not dealt fully with … Continue reading

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Make America Empathetic Again

I can’t take credit for the phrase in the headline; I heard it on talk radio at some point this weekend. However, I’ve been wrapping my head around its genius ever since. Just to make sure that we’re all on … Continue reading

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The Future is Now

It’s tempting to weigh in on this year’s presidential election. Heaven knows that the candidates have provided us with plenty of low-hanging fruit. However, your state legislature has very quietly begun discussions on an issue that will have a much … Continue reading

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Post-debate Election Predictions

Most media outlets proclaimed Hillary Clinton won last night’s presidential debate. The stakes seem high–almost 100 million people watched the debate. One would hope that they paid close attention to the things the candidates said. I wonder if it’s that … Continue reading

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