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The Internet and Privacy

Earlier this week, Congress sent to Pres. Trump a bill that would allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to sell data regarding users’ searches and browsing history to third-party advertisers. This made me wonder, once again, what expectations computer users should … Continue reading

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Help me help us

So. . .I’m curious. . .if you all could redesign the MSMS website, what would you want it to look like? How could you make sure that the site’s content remains strong? Are there school websites that you think are … Continue reading

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One More Quick Thought about Yesterday

Would all Americans have been better served if our media outlets focused more on reporting the news than on editorializing it?

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Finally: the news gets juicy

No, I’m not talking about Sara Palin’s endorsement of The Don. However, there are loads of stories relevant to our mission here. We’ll deal with two right away. This morning, The Atlantic recapped a Vanderbilt University study of low minority … Continue reading

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Online What?

Mr. Leggett and I had an interesting discussion last week about the efficacy of online learning. I dismissed the very idea as implausible; in so many words, he insisted that online classes are simply part of what schools need to … Continue reading

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Last month, at a party for one of Jack’s friends: a sunny fall day, a rented jumper humming with activity in the back yard, parents speaking with each other in the distracted way we do while trying to keep an … Continue reading

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