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The Price of Innovation

A colleague recently forwarded me information about NEA grants for teachers. The application declares that “[w]e support new ideas and practices to strengthen teaching and learning. Our goal is to fund and share successful strategies to educate and prepare students … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Dream!

I feel like a kid in a candy shop: I have received clearance to design a contemporary literature course to be taught in the spring semester of 2018. I’m interested in your suggestions regarding books to include, of course. I … Continue reading

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The Future is Now

It’s tempting to weigh in on this year’s presidential election. Heaven knows that the candidates have provided us with plenty of low-hanging fruit. However, your state legislature has very quietly begun discussions on an issue that will have a much … Continue reading

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Football and Other Loves

I planned this week to have students think about whether or not they believed in the necessity of “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” in education. I’m somewhat of a skeptic on the matter, and found myself applauding a recent letter … Continue reading

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Help Me Help You

Okay, seniors: it’s that time of year. Tell the juniors what you wish you had known way back when you were where they are now. Juniors and seniors: one of my core beliefs about MSMS is that we don’t have … Continue reading

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I Really Hate to Say It. . .

. . .but I told you so: our state legislators lack the courage to decide the state flag issue for themselves. Even Phil Gunn, a Republican who led the charge to change the flag after last year’s massacre in a … Continue reading

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Finally: the news gets juicy

No, I’m not talking about Sara Palin’s endorsement of The Don. However, there are loads of stories relevant to our mission here. We’ll deal with two right away. This morning, The Atlantic recapped a Vanderbilt University study of low minority … Continue reading

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Bringing Mohammed to the Mountain

There’s an old saying that if you can’t bring the mountain to Mohammed, bring Mohammed to the mountain. The Mississippi legislature will apply an understanding of that notion this session when it deals with the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. The … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2016

Greetings, 2016 bloggueurs! You’ll find that the website is changing a bit this semester. All posts should be made on the front page. Course-specific pages will now be dedicated to class announcements, syllabi, and other materials that won’t merit commentary. … Continue reading

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What’s It Worth To You?

Everyone who posts on this board has either been to college–me–or will soon attend it–you. So it behooves all of us to consider the kind of climate that will best facilitate your next level of learning. My friends at … Continue reading

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