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This Mortal Coil

“Sleep is for wimps.” “You have a long time to sleep when you’re dead.” “What’s more important: giving in, or getting things done?” I admit it: I’ve said all these things in reference to sleep. My own sleep habits have … Continue reading

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Dark and Time Travel

My wife and I have just finished the first season of Dark on Netflix. I’m not a sci-fi fan–I know, it’s a real, moral shortcoming on my part–but Dark poses questions about time travel that wakened my inner philosopher. I … Continue reading

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Public Health v. Ethics

State Rep. Andy Gipson (R-Braxton) has sponsored legislation that would allow parents to object to having their children vaccinated on the basis of religious objections. What might be unethical about vaccinations? According to critics, they’re forced rather than voluntary. (In … Continue reading

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I Wish This Were Sci-Fi

Regardless of whether you believe climate change is natural or caused by humans, it appears that a new, worldwide health crisis looms: as layers of permafrost get warmer, microbes that had been trapped in twenty-degree chunks of earth and water … Continue reading

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Enjoy the eclipse, y’all

Thinking about the sun for the last month or so has brought me to an obvious question: what has prevented sunbelt states like Mississippi from investing more heavily in solar power? For the amount of money wasted on the Kemper … Continue reading

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More Cyber espionage

Wikileaks recently released information about the ways the government collects information for (alleged) security purposes. The “Vault 7” papers are hardly surprising. Anyone who’s posted anything anywhere should be aware that there’s no erasing a digital footprint. Yet I must … Continue reading

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Post-debate Election Predictions

Most media outlets proclaimed Hillary Clinton won last night’s presidential debate. The stakes seem high–almost 100 million people watched the debate. One would hope that they paid close attention to the things the candidates said. I wonder if it’s that … Continue reading

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All Mod Con

Humans crave physical comfort just as much as the next species. Of course, no other species is so fully equipped to transform the environment. A quick walk around Columbus–or the MUW campus–confirms as much. Witness the stately antebellum homes with … Continue reading

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There’s no fool like an old fool. . .

. . .who thinks he’s a young fool. This will be my view for the next several days. It beats being stuck in the bed, which is where I was for the three days immediately following surgery. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Weird Science

In the latest issue of Discover—a magazine devoted, allegedly, to “Science, Technology and the Future”—Kristin Ohlson purports that “[n]euroscience offers new ways to approach. . .moral questions, allowing logic to triumph over deep-rooted instinct.” Her article chronicles some of the … Continue reading

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