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The Price of Innovation

A colleague recently forwarded me information about NEA grants for teachers. The application declares that “[w]e support new ideas and practices to strengthen teaching and learning. Our goal is to fund and share successful strategies to educate and prepare students … Continue reading

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Another Great is Gone

Mose Allison, born near Tippo, Mississippi, in 1927, died at his home yesterday. He was an important musical bridge to the past. His mixture of country, blues and jazz was beautifully idiosyncratic; he whetted his lyrics on the hard stone … Continue reading

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One More Quick Thought about Yesterday

Would all Americans have been better served if our media outlets focused more on reporting the news than on editorializing it?

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I have tests to write and papers to grade, and I can’t think about anything except what happened yesterday. I had always believed that if you can’t convince other people you’re right, you may as well be wrong–which makes it … Continue reading

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Mississippi Gets in Its Own Way Again

You can find enclaves of hate in any ZIP code. But when a church gets burned in Mississippi, which is what happened in Greenville earlier this week, it has to be national news because Mississippi has not dealt fully with … Continue reading

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