State of the State

Gov. Phil Bryant gave his state of the state address last night. Here’s the full text; here’s the Democratic response from State Rep. Jay Hughes of Oxford.

An addendum: here’s a fact-check from

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3 Responses to State of the State

  1. Dev Jaiswal says:

    While I think it was important for Gov. Bryant to highlight the areas that Mississippi is improving in, there was very little mention of the many things our state still struggles with in his speech. There was very few mention of the disparity of the schools within our state, the brain drain, the lack of an educated and/or willing workforce, or the disparity of job opportunities between larger “cities” and Mississippi villages. I also am particularly annoyed by the slightly skewed statistical interpretations stics Gov. Bryant proposed in “more than 90% of the third-graders in our state have passed the reading exam.” According to the fact checker, the 90% refers to third-graders who scored higher than the lowest possible proficiency level on the exam. Less than forty percent of the third graders scored at fourth proficiency level or the fifth (the highest)! Is it really that remarkable that 90 percent of our third-graders are not absolutely terrible readers, but only forty percent are actually decent readers? I think Gov. Bryant did a good job emphasizing the positive things about Mississippi, but if our state has any hope to improve and dispel the stigmas surrounding it with positive change, then it is imperative that we learn to recognize our faults and improve on them.

  2. Brianna Leigh Ladnier says:

    Phil Bryant did an amazing job to highlight our breakthroughs, however, he maintained an ignorance towards our faults.
    Instead of focusing on the issues Mississippi has to face and resolve, it almost seemed as if our governor was calling the improvements “good enough”.
    We are not the best state in the nation, in fact, we are arguably close to the worst if not the worst. Instead of acting like we are perfect and relishing our achievements, we should push for solutions plaguing our state. Governor Phil Bryant did not succeed at emphasizing we still have issues, and we are working to solve them, yet that was the attitutde but across.

  3. Kaelon McNeece says:

    The state of the state address from Governor Bryant brought up a plethora of improvements and fantastic steps in the right direction Mississippi has made over the year. There isn’t anything wrong with a little bit of self-congratulation, but, as State Representative Jay Hughes mentioned, “the policies that impact our quality of life have merely gone unchanged and underfunded.” It is true that the dropout and unemployment rates have lessened and that new jobs have been created, but the small increments in change haven’t moved Mississippi up when compared with the rest of the United States. Simply put, we are still lagging behind. The problems Hughes brought light to and ideas for fixing them are definitely a great start. We can’t merely appreciate the progress we’ve made as Bryant has. We must keep working towards improvement, and that can only be done by taking action and actively trying to push for a solution to the problems still affecting Mississippi.

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