Moving towards the year-end wrap up

In 54 days, members of the class of 2018 will walk across the stage to receive their diploma covers–they won’t get their diplomas until they return parts of their regalia–and graduation medals. We’re that close! Finish strong!

However, before we look ahead to such a happy time, I’d like to look backwards a few minutes. Please let me know about things that you wish MSMS could do better. I’d also like to know about the things you wish you knew as a first-week junior–or as a first-semester senior, since that time is fairly stressful as well.

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  1. Jaylen Hopson says:

    MSMS is what I believe to be the school equivalent of a diamond in the rough. Many great ideas are present, such as the residential setting, all you can-eat buffet three times a day, a group of students you can call family, and staff that you can confide in if you feel the need. However, all four of these desperately require polishing to make this school as good as it can be. The idea of living together is great, but the uneven distribution of responsibilities such as work service and unequal enforcement of the rules based on the building lead to very different experiences than what should be expected. The buffet was great the first few days, until you realize that either the food deteriorated in quality or that your taste buds have decided they no longer want it. However, since all students must pay for the cafeteria, they are obligated to eat there as much as their stomach allows with little alternative if they do not possess a car. I cannot count how many times the student body has been referred to as a family, which I have never truly understood the basis for. My observations show that there are many “subfamilies” based on true interests and united only under the common goal of graduating, but I may just be mistaken. On to my next point, the differing quality in staff and their approach to students definitely requires work. Any of my fellow students can and will say that each RA, director, or in some cases teacher all interpret the rules differently. This difference ironically causes indifference to certain restrictions which causes the misinformation of the rule not existing to be passed to the next class. While I do believe that all of the rules have a purpose, most of the rules have never been given a clear “why” as to their existence, which if important, would bolster the students’ treatment of the rule. On another note, I am the black sheep on the MSMS101 issue in believing that the class only needs minor adjustments to achieve its sole purpose of preparing juniors for preparing students for the real world. For example, have someone related to accounting explain taxes to us, or a recent graduate of MSMS explain what to expect for college applications, and other uses of the resources MSMS has access to.

  2. Dev Jaiswal says:

    Looking back, I wish I had a conversation with someone during my first few weeks of school about being more patient with myself. During almost the entire first nine weeks, I felt completely overwhelmed: inundated with mountains of homework that I did not know how to efficiently complete, excited but also exhausted by my wish to do more extracurriculars than I could possibly handle, and plagued by having to handle fatigue from consistently not sleeping enough for the first time due to school in my life. I kind of beat myself up a lot those first nine weeks. I made it through, but I wish I had been a little more patient with myself during those weeks. I know I should have talked to someone about it, but I think there is a way for MSMS to facilitate that conversation. While I may not remember correctly, I believe that the first few sessions of MSMS 101 were mostly related to dorm life. While learning to live in the residential environment is certainly important, I think the “managing your stress” seminar that came later in the year could come a little earlier.

  3. Kamaljyot Bhalla says:

    As a junior in first few weeks of school, it would have been nice to take more photos with people that I would have spent the next 2 years with. I just regret not taking more photos, having memories of “those olden days.” But as a junior going into senior year at MSMS, I wish I would have been more prepared for the whole college process and everything alongside with it. Pretty sure I was lost, but somehow I’ve made it! And my junior self would not believe that her senior self as already begun to cry almost every day thinking of graduation from a school that gave her wonderful things…

  4. Indu Nandula says:

    MSMS is, no doubt, a wonderful institution. However, it definitely has its downfalls. This is especially pertinent when it comes to work service. One of the main issues is the the subjectiveness of its judgement. Some supervisors don’t supervise enough, while others do it too much. While some students are able to get away with minimal efforts, some students are expected to work five to six hours a week, and in some cases, this is not satisfactory. Revisions to this system are long awaited.
    I wish that, as a first-semester junior, I would have accessed all the resources at my disposal, be it office hours, tutorials, or my peers. I maintained an “every man for himself” attitude, and it literally killed me. I also wish I knew how important time is, and how easy it is to lose it. In the blink of an eye, we are in the last quarter of the last school year, and I still have so many things I want to do before I leave for the summer.

  5. Brianna Leigh Ladnier says:

    Honestly, I wish several things about MSMS would change.
    The biggest inconvenience for me personally, privilege plans. I understand trying to motiviate us to do our best, but it feels like punishment sometimes more than a privilege. Notable, I am not saying this out of personal gain. I am on O Plan, so I am not doing this out of a place of hate. However, the idea that if you mess up one nine weeks and land yourself on IP Plan, you cannot leave to got to Walmart by yourself for nine weeks is ridiculous. For me, going to Walmart on the shuttles would be impossible at this point. I went on the shuttle maybe 4 times, and they left me at Walmart for an extra 45 minutes two of those times. I was not late as I was out the store walking around trying to find the bus 5 minutes before time, but the bus just was not in the parking lot and it turned out they left not knowing I wasn’t there.
    Not to mention sometimes you need more than an hour to get your things and goodness forgive you need a lot of stuff. It seems like you cannot get more than two bags worth of things if you travel via shuttle or else you will take up too much room and be shunned. This is just one aspect of the privilege plan issue.
    Not to mention the need of having your door open during study hours for new juniors, I feel like this is to studying as security theatre is to safety. I have innumerable issues with privilege plans, and I do not want to ramble about all the different issues, so I’ll offer a solution.

    Firstly, the following should be the changes in requirements and rewards for every privilege plan, not the current unrealistic expectations.

    O Plan:
    Requirements-GPA- 3.7-4.0, NO NCs

    Premium Plan:
    Requirements- GPA-3.4-3.69, NO NCs, Satisfactory Work Service, Satisfactory Wellness, O Residential Rating

    Extended Plan:
    Requirements- GPA- 3.1-3.39

    IP Plan:
    Students should be able to leave during the weekend for 4 hours. They should be allowed to leave during the school week, but have to use GPs.

    *Also, get rid of the Curfew and Lights out a section of the privilege plan. They do not change depending on your privilege plans.
    *Sidenote: In terms of Level I, II, or III, those restrictions should only apply for nine weeks. So, as long as you have not had a Level II in that nine weeks, it should not affect you. This encourages students to clean up their act instead of repeating their actions because they already can’t have their desired privilege plan.

  6. Millie Perdue says:

    In reference to making MSMS a better, more bearable place, a number of things could be changed. First of all, work service needs to be completely redone. There are so many unfair and uneven job loads that often aren’t fixed when a student leaves. Another thing that really needs to change is the MSMS101 class, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, but I do feel the need to express my concern. Nine out of ten times, the class is canceled or is relaying a message that is honestly a waste of valuable time. There are much better ways to present and deal with the MSMS101 information.
    Moving on to myself, I feel like there is just as much to complain about. When I got to this school, despite the warnings, I completely underestimated the workload and let procrastination get to me. (I still do) The first week here I wish I would have known to do the work as it landed in your hands because always playing catch up is exhausting. I really wish someone would have told me about weekly Wednesday night door prizes sooner, for a while there I thought people were recording their cult meetings on snap chat.
    For now, my hopes as a senior is to be supportive of the new coming juniors and to get myself under control or even recovered before I graduate to face college. I hope that I can live up to my expectations and do good things for the student body as well as the school to make it a better, more enjoyable place.

  7. Tija Johnson says:

    As a junior, I wish I would’ve had better time management skills. (but somethings you have to learn the hard way) I wish I would’ve known how early to start studying for semester exams because it is a lot of material to recall for six plus classes.

    As a senior, I wish I would’ve had some known more about the stress of being a senior. College applications, new classes, new teachers, essays, scholarships, work load. It is no joke.

    (I think it is important for everyone to have an outlet because being at a school like this you’ll need it.)

    As for as things for MSMS, I wish they would change the dorms. (But I understand we have to work with what we have)

  8. Kaelon McNeece says:

    I, personally, can’t wait for the work service system to undergo extreme revision. Some people put in hard work and getting underwhelming feedback that disqualifies them from any Privilege Plan above Standard Plan. Some people hardly do any work and get through work service with flying colors. Some people work for five minutes every other day while some people work for thirty minutes every day and it’s frustrating. This needs a thorough, impartial review that can make clear the standards we, as students, can adhere to because it seems that the perception of cleanliness by all of the work service moderators vary widely.

    Enough with the ranting though. If I was a first-week junior again, the first thing I wish I knew was the value of time management and the personal assurance that my time at this school would get better. During the beginning of the year, I had no idea if I would finally get accustomed to the MSMS life and now that I have, I can hardly believe I once thought about leaving this school albeit for an extremely brief time.

  9. Ihatepolitics says:

    I would like it if we didn’t have MSMS 101 as a class,but maybe a video series that could be accessed from the j drive. It would be easier for the different staff members to present the information ,and not take time out of their busy schedules. Like when the councilors need to right recommendations they don’t really need to be teaching multiple classes of MSMS 101.

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